Monthly Archives: June 2018

Monday 23 July – Sales Alchemy

Our Sales Alchemy is a highly engaging workshop looking at a range of traditional (influence-based) and modern (facilitative and consultative based) selling techniques. Teaching the Seven Step Process will demystify core concepts and the underlying core skills of effective selling, giving participants the knowledge and confidence, they need to become effective sales experts
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Wednesday 13 June – Project Management

Our two-day accredited Project Management certificated workshop looks at how to effectively manage projects from budgeting through to engaging with the right stakeholders, ensuring projects are managed and completed efficiently and effectively and within budget  
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Monday 30 April – Secret Seller

Our one-day workshop allows you to identify the type of buyer/customer you are dealing with and how to prepare, engage and sell according to different identifiers. We look at ways of using communication skills and hidden body language skills to secure sales and upsell your products and services    
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