About GGT Solutions

About GGT Solutions

GGT Solutions was created in 2009 by a husband and wife team. Having worked for a number of years in professional careers; life changes, economy, political and social circumstances led to them thinking about their own careers and what was the true meaning of a work-life balance. Being of the entrepreneurial mindset they decided to start a consultancy company, bringing together their work experience, education and life skills to show people how to make the most out of their careers, businesses and organisations.

Over the years GGT Solutions have approached their business with a passion to change the lives of others. We genuinely care and offer those in contact with us, be it a business or an individual, a consultative approach to seek the very best results. As a business, we have written, developed and delivered numerous successful programmes across a breadth of industries and sectors. Along with the help of a great team, amazing specialist consultants and the customers who want to see a difference in their lives, we have grown our back-bedroom business into a thriving hub of demonstrable growth, great work ethics and continuous development, for all who seek to reach their full potential.


Our Approach
Our hands-on teaching and learning approach is taken from years of experience and practice within the sector.  We’ll work closely with you to identify what you most want out of your career and together we’ll create a working plan allowing you to reach your full potential, naturally and in line with your authentic values.

Our consultancy style is professional and personable.  We’re committed to what we do and have a huge desire to help everyone we work with to truly appreciate their own skills and abilities, achieving fulfilment in their career.


Our Difference

Building a trusting relationship with our clients is paramount – we’ll ensure you receive the service that’s right for you and our pay as you go approach means you’ll only ever pay for the services you need, when you need them.  We recognise no two clients are the same and our coaches will consider your individual needs, before we start working together.  Regardless of your reason for reaching out to us – be it a successful career transition, improved personal effectiveness or a flourishing small business, we’ll offer solutions that are right for you.

Our Mission

To inspire optimism and to be truly committed to providing an exceptional and personalised approach enriching careers and businesses with care, quality and value