Organisational Development

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GGT Solutions Business Support Services brings together in house advisers and peripheral specialist consultants to offer support, mentoring and advice to help companies cultivate and successfully deliver robust, sustainable plans. Collectively, GGT’s Business Support team represents a multi-disciplinary advice, guidance and support service which provides business support solutions.

We offer:

  • Change management programmes
  • Consortia development
  • Planning and modelling
  • Employment, human resources, recruitment, training and workforce development
  • Project planning and delivery
  • Social accounting and ROI
  • Troubleshooting


Staff Training

Training and developing your staff is an investment in your business. Your team members are your most valuable asset, and ensuring they are trained with the skills and knowledge they require is key to meeting your business aspirations. Training helps you maximise your team’s efforts and boosts their job satisfaction, which can help you retain staff and avoid the cost of recruitment. GGT Solutions offer both accredited, CPD and non accredited training courses for both organisations and individuals. We are a member of the Register of Training Providers, The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and the CPD Accreditation Group.

We offer a wide variety of training courses and programmes, these include:

  • Communication Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Management Training
  • Customer Care Training
  • Business Development Training
  • Human Resources Training
  • Health & Safety Training

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